Sold out!

The current run of Drone Zoom systems has sold out! Big thanks to everyone that bought one! A new batch is on the way and should be here by 2/20/2015. The new batch will be version 1.3 and will come with a few incremental improvements.

3 thoughts on “Sold out!”

    1. They will be arrive on 2-20-15. Then 1-4 days handling and testing. All orders will be processed first in first out.
      (Sorry about the conflicting info. Everything should be fixed now. Thanks!)

  1. Really awesome work here!

    Please let me know when the camera/board combo’s are available to purchase. Count me down!

    What are the mounting options for the camera by the way?
    Would it happen to mount easily to a brushless motor gimbal?

    Thanks in advance.

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