New Coil Bot PCB

One Sided!

I recently made some improvements to the Coil Bot PCB. If you haven’t made the first one please use this one as it is more home-¬†brew friendly, and smaller!

2 thoughts on “New Coil Bot PCB”

  1. I just bought a 3d printer and need to make a coil winder – thanks for posting – can i have the instructions to go with the stl files as the thiny site link to code fails every time?
    i would be more than willing to test it out and provide help with instructions and being a test dummie lol

    1. Hello Derrick,

      The link to the Coilbot page is here:
      (Sorry for the broken link!)

      I haven’t worked on the coil winder in a long time. If you wanted to make one yourself I would highly recommend using mine as a reference and designing your own. The reason being that the coil winder I made was full of mechanical problems and the code is not fully complete or debugged. I also vastly over complicated the design.

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