Drone Zoom + Camera, Bundle!

[promo image=”http://www.kyleorourke.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/DroneZoom-Camera.png” alt=”Alt Text”]Next week I will be offering a camera & Drone Zoom bundle through my Ebay store. Be sure to check it out!. [/promo]

2 thoughts on “Drone Zoom + Camera, Bundle!”

  1. Wow, looking forward to it! Got one of the chinese ripoffs without realising it was your idea. Happy to deal with you in the future.

    One feature missing from these cameras is HD, particularly for recording. If your module could be engineered to work with conventional HD camcorders, you’d have a killer product!


    1. Thanks Ramsay!
      I have thought about making a board that could work with many different types of cameras but decided against it because of how much effort I would need to devote to acquiring serial protocols and testing each one, not to mention having multiple connector types. (I hand solder all the boards I sell…)

      I am in the process of designing version 1.2 of the Zoom Board. I am going to be making it much simpler for users to plug the device directly into a video transmitter like the Fat Shark. (Currently trying to source the proper cables and connectors =P)

      Let me know if you want me to add anything else!

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