Camera boards back in stock – 1.3v

The new camera boards are back in stock. This is version 1.3 and there are some small changes to the design.



The first thing you should notice is that most of the passives are now surface mount… again. I found that the time I was saving with through-hole wasn’t all that much and I also wasn’t happy with how through-hole looked aesthetically. (Light brown resistors on a purple background. Gross.)

Upclose solder jumper

You’ll also notice that the voltage selector jumper is now on the front of the board. It also has indicator lines showing exactly where the 5v signal is coming from.

I’ve also added more decoupling capacitors and more ground shielding. This should reduce RF noise and increase the reliability of the system as a whole.


The connector cables are back to the older servo style connectors. The added expense and time to create each and every fpv cable/connector plug was getting out of hand and since I don’t really sell these cameras/boards for a huge profit it really just wasn’t making sense. Unless someone can point me in the direction of cheap pre-made connectors I think that I will be sticking with the servo plugs. (You can rearrange the wiring in the servo connector to fit your FPV transmitter pin-out if you wanted to. Comes pre-configured for most Fatshark and Immersion pinouts.)

The pin-out is slightly different. The battery pins are now more separated from the IC and video pins. This should protect against user created shorts.

Overall the circuit is pretty much the same so the old video showing how to hook everything up still applies to this board.

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