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3D Printed Rocket!

Admittedly the quality of the print is quite bad. You can see that the fins split during the print. But with a little bit of glue and Acetone you can fill in the gaps.

I downloaded the files from Thingiverse here.

I think that I am going to design a new bottom section with removable fins. That way I can print each fin flat on its side which will make the print much higher quality and make the rocket more repairable and re-usable.

I really like this kind of small project because it demonstrates how powerful at home 3D printing can become. In less than a day I can test exactly how a new design for a rocket affects the flight path of that rocket when compared to a standard rocket. Then using some open source sensors like an accelerometer and an altimeter I can gather really usable data on that specific rocket configuration.

This would have been really useful back in middle school when I did a science project about the effects of wing placement on rockets and had to build 20 rockets all from the same Estes kit… *Shiver*

Tomorrow I am going to fly it and see how it goes! *Fingers Crossed*

photo 3
Split wings.
photo 1
Print sections.
photo 2
Ready to fly!